Consulting Service at eNcloud focuses to work closely with clients globally and help them take informed strategic decision in regard to the organizational changes or initiatives to improve efficiencies or market position. eNcloud professionals have deep expertise and proven track record in carrying out business analysis, getting clients ready for organizational change and also helping clients with their process management requirements. Below are the four main areas of focus for management consulting service.

Business Analysis

Conduct feasibility analysis studies, deep dives into organization dynamics, as-is and to-be gap analysis.

Change Management

Change readiness review for technology and business sides, change management maturity assessment.

Business Process Management

Business process re-engineering, continuous process improvement, process integration and quality assessment.

Strategic Management

Make or buy analysis, benefits realization reporting, PM tools fitment, project portfolio management.




Delivery vertical at eNcloud focues on providing longer term solution to the requirements of the client at project or program level. The service can be a part of project or program or a piece of service from an existing service line – we can own the part where you need specialist services and provide cost effective, reliable, high quality, on time and within budget delivery services from client site or eNcloud office.

How eNcloud can help client achieve competitive edge in the market.


Cost Savings
  • Pay for what you utilize
  • Increased efficiency and quicker turnaround time
  • Offshoring to subject experts

Three QA layers - (1) Checklists, (2) Team Lead, (3) Manager

Assets and best practices refreshed to ensure continuous improvement in quality

  • Mature processes
  • Time tested assets for specific services
  • Increased efficiency through building resource and client competencies
  • Quick turnaround time to onboard one or multiple resources
  • Skilled, experienced and seasoned professionals


Delivery - Service Catalogue

Project Management

  • Governance setup and implementation
  • Project portfolio management
  • Maturity assessment and improvement
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Comprehensive PMO services
  • Automation and EPM tool set up and implementation

Service Management

  • Framework setup and implementation using ITIL
  • Incident / Service Request / problem Management
  • Ticketing Solution Setup and Implementation
  • SLA Management and Reporting

Business Process Management

  • Process - Assessment, Design, Re-engineering or Improvement
  • Process Implementation and adherence rigor
  • Business Analysis

Strategic Management

  • Prioritization
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Cost Savings – Opportunity Identification
  • Initiative Planning and Implementation

Organization Management

  • Organization SWOT and Governance / Process Mapping
  • Organization Restructuring

Change Management

  • Business / Organization / Process Readiness Management
  • Role and Skill Mapping
  • Communication Management
  • Capability Development

Quality Management

  • Cost of Quality
  • Quality Assurance and Adherence
  • Quality Control and Audit

Operations Management

  • Risk and Issue set up and Implementation
  • Forecasting
  • Operations efficiency Improvement
  • Schedule & Finance Management
  • Metrics Reporting



Outsourcing vertical at eNcloud focuses on providing longer term solutions to client service requirements at portfolio or function or organization level. We understand the complexities and sensitivities associated with outsourcing services and closely work with our clients to ensure we come up with a practical plan to roll out the services in phased manner where they are gates involved to control the progress as per the developments in the business, market, regulatory, environmental and strategic objectives of our clients. Below are a few ways of how we ensure outsourcing is successful for our clients.

Data Security

  • First line of protection: eNcloud Data Security Policy
  • Second line of protection: Implement Client Data Security policy (if any)
  • We conduct monthly review and audit (incl. ISO 27000 family) to ensure compliance
  • Continuous support - panel of subject matter experts for geography & industry

Process Adherence

  • We have three layers of quality to ensure process adherence is optimal – QA checklist review by the actual doer, peer review check and Team Lead check
  • Reviews and Audits by internal/ external auditors
  • Support function at eNcloud ensures process adherence via due tracking & reporting

Knowledge Management

  • We understand the importance of harnessing knowledge and strive to
    • Leverage best practices
    • Conducted lessons learned
    • Update assets quarterly
    • Keep clients informed of latest trends and conduct reverse knowledge transfer to keep them well informed and up to speed

Cross Cultural Aspects

  • At eNcloud all our resources are given training on cultural sensitivities during the new joiner orientation sessions
  • We deploy eNcloud specialists at client site to understand client culture and expectations and have the key info replayed back to the team in India

Service Continuity

  • Resource attrition is low because of clear career plan, growth prospects, ample learning opportunities and performance based incentives
  • Phased/Gated approach ensures - we optimize utilisation and avoid wastage
  • Effective BCP is in place to mitigate risks and avoid service disruption

Regulatory Compliance

  • Subject matter experts at eNcloud are in regular touch with industry and country specific compliance bodies
  • We design tailored plans for regulatory compliance for each of our clients
  • eNcloud support functions ensure compliance against plan by timely tracking and reporting



Cloud Managed Services

eNcloud services aims your success on cloud Services. We bring you best in the line custom cloud consulting services with a variety of options to choose from. Find proven practices for making an efficient and powerful cloud IT infrastructure and get the best out of it. With a global network partner and team of very experienced consulting professionals, we build, deploy and manage top class cloud infrastructures on Amazon Web Services.


Enterprise Transformation

eNcloud helps client on cloud transformation which enables businesses to operate with improved flexibility and scalability.



Provides Secure and Consistent Foundation for Your cloud adoption. A robust and future-proof foundation for your applications and servers.


Migration & Deployment

Migration of current Infrastructure, critical business applications workloads and Services to a Cloud Environment.




We manage your solution from end-to-end once it’s up and running, safeguarding your continuity and security.


Big Data Services

We provide on-going monitoring, maintenance and managed enterprise data lakes and analytics sandbox environments



Integrate all your company’s DevOps tools and processes into a seamless DevOps SaaS Platform for desired business outcome